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Hello Harley Louise!

Happy New Year! – I’m not sure what the ruling on how long you continue to say “happy new year” is – but seeing as it’s my first blog of 2018 and it’s early March so feels like a good place to start!

I also need to start by apologising for how slack I have been with my blogging of late – once my gorgeous girl arrived in October I got in my baby bubble and stayed there and it was amazing!

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Final Countdown..


Hospital bag is packed! Waiting game is on!


I’m still scared at the idea of the birth. I guess more scared of the unknown, but I do feel like I’ve started to get my head around childbirth!!


It’s amazing how the body works, you get pregnant, you grow this human, the idea of how it comes out is terrifying, you’re thinking “I could never do this” but by the time 9 months comes around you are so ready for baby to arrive!

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36 Weeks Pregnant

36 weeks pregnant. 4 weeks til due date. Oh my.

And there’s still so much to do and so much to tell you about! Sorry for being a slack blogger.

My little movements and “flutters” have become kicks in the ribs, and what feels like her doing forward flips in there. But my new favorite – is when she gets the hiccups. How weird is it when baby gets hiccups?! I actually love it! I’m not that productive when its happening, I just get the giggles and try to take video of my tummy to send to the husband.

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Baby Guppy is a…

A big thanks to everyone who entered to win last weeks Dermalogica blog, winners will be told this weekend!

I’m writing this weeks blog from my bed, with Coco my cat under my arm and Jemima her sister at my feet, I am full of the flu! It is the worst!! I feel like everyone seems to have a cold at the moment, to all those Mumma-to-be’s I hope you are doing ok. I’m living off lemon and honey and vicks on my feet, are there other remedies you guys are trying?

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Pregnancy Skin!

From about the fourth week of my pregnancy I suffered from pregnancy acne. And that sort of thing has a way of making you feel terribly unattractive!

I have an awesome job, which I love, and I am so lucky to have. I get to do amazing things, like in the summer I work on International Cricket coverage for Sky Television, which means having your face on the telly, having your pregnancy acne face on the tele!!! And when you’re feeling like I was, it was hard work! Thank heavens for make up is all I’ll say.

I really had to make some changes. And it couldn’t be with my water intake because it tasted metallic and I couldn’t change what I was eating cause all I could keep down was toast and hot chips.

Are we having fun yet?!

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