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The Beginning of our New Journey!

Well – here we go!

As some of you will now know I am 18 weeks pregnant with Guppy and my first child and I am so excited for this next chapter in my life.

After basically hiding out until we reached 12 weeks, it was so great to be able finally to start talking about it.

It seems almost unfair that we can’t talk about being pregnant the very time we need to the most – because I’m not sure about some of you other Mums and Mums-to-be, but I felt AWFUL!!

All day nausea instead of just morning sickness. A hangover without the fun the night before and the flashbacks during the day. And headaches. Oh the headaches!

My sense of smell went in to overdrive, so interviewing sportsman mid game sometimes proved, um, well, interesting.

I survived on dry toast and ginger ale.

At one of the scans my obstetrician told me we had a big baby – to which I replied “IS IT ALL THE GINGER ALE AND LEMONADE I’VE BEEN DRINKING!?” No, he meant the baby was long (Guppy is very tall!). And as I’m realising this baby isn’t coming out my nose – I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing!

He then went on to say this first part of pregnancy is all about survival! And ain’t that the truth!! Made me feel less guilty about my new found love of fizzy drinks.

I used to love a wine, love to socialise, especially with a wine (I’m hoping I’ll want to do that again one day!), so to hide this pregnancy was a total nightmare.

“I think I’ve got food poisoning.””No wine for me thanks, I’ve got an early meeting tomorrow.

“No, I’m not drinking at the moment, I’m just taking break…”

Sure Laura. Sure.

Hmmm….. any of these excuses sound familiar?

On several occasions I had to ask if the NZME newsroom had Gaviscon (the little sachets are best for indigestion FYI), and I did have to tell Lou, my make up lady (who you will see on my Instagram stories) that if I say move – move, because I may spew in your rubbish bin.

Waiters all over NZ must of known I was pregnant… “Is there raw egg in that?” “No mayonaise thank you” “Can I please have my meat well done”… Could we be a little more obvious?!

I miss ham. I miss sushi. I miss mayonnaise. But I love the fact that Guppy and I are going to have a baby, and we are beyond excited.

Thank you to everyone for your lovely messages, texts and calls. Oh and a special thank you to the lovely man at my petrol station who gave me AND the baby a twix bar. He totally gets me and my sudden need to double up on all portions of food!

Exciting (and slightly terrifying) times ahead… a few more pregnancy themed blogs I am thinking!

If you’re on a similar journey – I hope you’re all doing well, I would love to hear about it – head to my “contact” section of the website.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Talk soon,

If you want to check out our Woman’s Day Pregnancy article, click here.

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  • Huge congratulations to you both!!!! I loved the insight into what the first stages of pregnancy is like.. you poor thing!! Also massive congrats on your website launch, its gorgeous! Looking forward to future posts xx

  • I’m 17 weeks! I get you it was a time where I felt very alone you felt like shit and you wonder if this is normal and that’s normal and u can’t say anything such relief when we let out our secret!

  • Congratulations to you both.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us,much admiration to you both,your baby Will grow up in a family steeped in complete love as can be seen in yours and Martin’s eyes.

  • Congratulations. How wonderful for you and Martin.
    I hope that feeling of nausea passes. Mine never did.But I am a mother to 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. It is always worth the effort. Every good wish from now and until your baby becomes an adult. Two wonderful people You will be great parents.

  • I’m 13 weeks with number 2, and feeling exactly the same! I was super healthy and in the gym 8+ times a week. Broccoli, Tuna, & Egg White omelettes every day for breakfast for the past two years, weight training and cardio every day…. now all I’ve done for 8 weeks is sit on my couch feeling miserable and wanting chocolate and ice blocks! But, it’s all worth it in the end! I’m so happy for you and Guppy. Sincere congratulations xo

    • Congratulations Annie – man you sound fit and healthy!! I have been told it’s all worth it. I’m worried I
      might get put off chocolate after eating so much.. but I’m sure that could never happen really, haha.
      Thanks for reading. Good luck with your pregnancy! Laura x

  • I’m 19 weeks !
    The first 3 months wasnt a walk in the park for me either. Oh The places I spewed during those weeks haha !!
    Hope you’re feeling better now. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more blogs from you
    Oh man how miss sushi !

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  • Hi Laura! Loving this blog, and a huge congrats on your coming baby girl!! I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and as i am still quite young and this is my first baby we decided to tell the people closest to us so we could have that support! I am really looking forward to getting past 12 weeks and feeling heaps safer!
    All the best with your journey, look forward to hearing about it!

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