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36 Weeks Pregnant

36 weeks pregnant. 4 weeks til due date. Oh my.

And there’s still so much to do and so much to tell you about! Sorry for being a slack blogger.

My little movements and “flutters” have become kicks in the ribs, and what feels like her doing forward flips in there. But my new favorite – is when she gets the hiccups. How weird is it when baby gets hiccups?! I actually love it! I’m not that productive when its happening, I just get the giggles and try to take video of my tummy to send to the husband.

Baby Guppy is so high, I feel as though I might hiccup and she’ll come out! I’m getting slower, and although no one has said it I’m relatively sure I’ve developed a waddle. Making my list of things to do take much, much longer!!

Guppy has been away in the Carribbean playing cricket, it’s nice to have him home now, especially as I have just officially started my maternity leave.

Saying goodbye to him is never easy but this last time was particularly hard. Guppy is so excited about our baby, I am so lucky, he doesn’t like to miss anything, he loves watching my tummy and feeling every movement, he likes to come to every doctors appointment and to be honest he has become incredibly good at taking my shoes off for me.

I’ve now had to find new ways to still wear perhaps not “pregnancy friendly” shoes and then get them off.

I decided to treat myself to a pedicure, mainly because I am struggling to see my feet let alone paint my toenails. I wore my favorite winter boots that day because I knew the lovely Sophie at Leah Light would take them off for me!!! #pregnancyhack

How are all my fellow Mum-to-be’s? Got any good preggo tricks that your using to get by? I’ve really loved all your comments and support, thank you!

I think I might be going through my “nesting” part of pregnancy as I’m organizing things like the obvious – nursery, car seat, pram, cot and baby drawer in the kitchen. But then I’m starting to get hung up on things like getting the oven cleaned, hanging things on the wall (not just the babies room), looking for a new “Mum” car (I’m not sure what that is yet!), booking my final hair appointment before baby is here… you know all those important things…..!!

One of the big things on my “To Do List” is I’ve been told to pack my hospital bag – that is how pregnant I am, I can’t believe she’s nearly here!! Is there anything you think I definitely need to pack that you don’t get told about?

I’ve also given Guppy (poor guy!) a list of the food I’ll be needing once our baby arrives. Smoked Salmon & cream cheese bagels is first, closely followed by some sushi. Oh and some champagne!!

I had a really special baby Guppy day a few weekends ago, my gorgeous maid of honor Gretchen (mother of four) threw me my babyshower. It was amazing!! I felt so special and so loved. It was really so comforting to have all those people around you so excited about whats happening and what’s about to happen.

And this baby got SO SPOILT!! I’m still working through putting things away.

She even got her own snot sucker. SNOT SUCKER! Whoever knew there was such a thing?! Gretchy is a very practical gift giver, but that sounds bloody awful!

Speaking of practical gift giving – I filmed my last Holden Golf World show for 2017 and they gave Baby Guppy the most adorable (and appropriate) gift – I think her Daddy is already excited to get her on the golf course!

So cute – and getting SO exciting!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week, thanks for reading.

Talk soon,


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  • I’m 38 weeks with no.3… I have baby stuff ready but not my bag packed…yet… a great thing to pack in your bag tho is some snacks for dad, he might get a bit hungry and letting him leave isn’t usually an option, so just throw a few things that can see him thru! Other than that, just relax and go with flow! You will get to meet your baby Guppy very soon xoxo

  • When it was announced that Guppy had come home from Indian League for “Family Reasons”, I got a bit of a fright. Thought Miss Guppy was a little impatient (like my Miss 11 was – 6 weeks early).
    You are looking fantastic, but i know you won’t be feeling it. LOL.
    Rest up when you can, cos when she finally makes her appearance, you will be run ragged.
    OH – the 14th of October is a good date for having a baby – Miss 11’s birthday.

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