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Weekend in Wellington!

This weekend I was in Wellington, working for All Blacks Hospitality. In fact I’ve been following the Lions around all series and it is shaping up brilliantly!

Wellington was buzzing! Even more so after the Lions beat the All Blacks to set up a deciding game in Auckland next weekend. I cannot wait.

My job is pretty awesome and I am very lucky to do it. I MC the hospitality lounges, so in Wellington I was based at Te Papa. I get to go up on stage and have some banter with the crowd and then get to interview some former players. Some amazing former players.

On Saturday I started by interviewing former All Black Dan Carter and Former Scottish international and Lion Gavin Hastings – it was a great way to get the crowd going, especially as Gavin was getting the Lions fans to practise their chants in the room. The ladies were wanting selfies with Dan!

What’s amazed me during this tour is just how awesome and loyal the Lions fans are – not that we Kiwis aren’t mind you! But win or lose the groups in red have been such good fun.

After Gavin and Dan stepped down I interviewed Rory Underwood who played for England and also scored the winning try for the Lions in Wellington 24 years ago. I feel so lucky I get to hear all the stories from back in the day.

When the crowd started getting into their cheering or laughing, baby Guppy would give me a good kick in the ribs, just letting me know she’s still there. I think she has been enjoying being up on the stage – a bit like her Mum (God help me!)

Shane Williams, a former Welsh international and Lions representative and Wellington man and former All Black Cory Jane were next on the stage, both with great stories, mainly about hair styles from their time playing and stories of a few current players potentially losing their hair. Very funny stuff.

Despite the terrible lighting and photography here I just had to share the photos, cause both Shane and Cory were hilarious and great fun to interview!

When we got to the Cake Tin it was pouring with rain, but such a great atmosphere, again the red supporters outnumbered those in black.

Braving the weather with my fellow MC’s from All Blacks Hospitality Eric Young and Michael Guerin.

You could sense how much the Lions team was up for it. And at the risk of sounding like my beautiful Nana Julie who thinks it’s fair to share the winning around, I was really pleased for the Lions that they won (not that I ever want the All Blacks to lose!) it’s just great for the series!

It was the Lions first win in NZ in 8771 Days. First All Black defeat in NZ in 2849 days and the first All Black defeat in Wellington in 5131 days. Some stats for you!

I cannot wait for Saturday.

I’m lucky enough to be working again.

I would love if I could shake this bloody cold though! I just cannot get rid of it … I actually feel like every day I wake up with a new cold. And I am really having brace myself for sneezes and coughs – I’m scared the baby is going to fall out!

Another intriguing change in my body is the repercussions from wearing high heels all night at work, something I used to be quite good at – but oh no, not now! My back now is killing me! Sciatica, back pain, walking like a duck – how glam is pregnancy?

Now, I LOVE high heels. I’m short – of course I love high heels, so this new development is particularly heart breaking, especially when I’m staying across the road and David Jones is having a 40% off sale. I found these boots that I very nearly brought – with that big a sale you’re saving money (I texted that to Guppy anyway!)

But then I remembered how expensive kids are – and I slowly put the boots back. Not to mention the whole sore body thing…. haha! Bugger!

Well best of luck to the mighty All Blacks.

Thanks to everyone for reading – hope you are all well and healthy! I love all your comments, so keep them coming!

Talk soon,

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