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Baby Guppy is a…

A big thanks to everyone who entered to win last weeks Dermalogica blog, winners will be told this weekend!

I’m writing this weeks blog from my bed, with Coco my cat under my arm and Jemima her sister at my feet, I am full of the flu! It is the worst!! I feel like everyone seems to have a cold at the moment, to all those Mumma-to-be’s I hope you are doing ok. I’m living off lemon and honey and vicks on my feet, are there other remedies you guys are trying?

I have been super busy at work at the moment, covering the America’s Cup, following the Lions Tour, working my usual jobs and growing this human – I have been a little run down. Lucky the hubby is home to look after me!

This week Guppy and I announced what we are having…


It’s a girl!

Let the pink buying begin (although it kind of already has!) I can’t stop. What are the things I absolutely must have? I keep getting told that they change a squillion times a day but also that they grow so fast so I’m not sure how much of what to buy!

How cute is this?! Guppy picked up a couple of little outfits like this on his way home from England. I made a small suggestion to him to not forget about presents for me!!! Ha!

I am so excited I get a wee BFF and Guppy could not be more ecstatic that it’s a girl. I can already tell you I will have to be the disciplinarian. Guppy is going to spoil her rotten, and who am I kidding I probably will too!

I never knew finding out the sex of your baby was such a big deal. I have had the “what are you having?” question more than I have been asked how far along I am. My parents and I were talking about it the other day and they said you would never ask someone that in their day, funny how things change. Although I have started thinking twice about asking people what they’re having.

Oh and we are keeping her name a surprise. Another popular question!!

I have loved being able to refer to her, when she kicks. It’s all starting to feel more real.

I still bounce between excitement and utter fear of raising a good human being.

I’m not saying I was a horrible child, I’m just suggesting I might of been a horrible teenager, so I guess I should be preparing for karma?! I’m sure Mum in particular has been waiting a long time for this, haha!

Getting ready to have this baby has really made me appreciate my parents and what they have done and continue to do for me, so much more, they are honestly amazing. Heaven only knows where I would be without them. Both Mum (Leanne) and Dad (Bryn) have already offered up their services for when I go back to work, Dad I think might of even offered to take up a role of full time Manny, which I love! I just know that I could not do it without them, and because I have them I know I can do this whole parenting thing.

My beautiful family (minus Guppy), brother Christopher, Mum – Leanne, Dad – Bryn and youngest brother Timmy. I owe so much to those four people, they support me, keep me grounded and love me no matter what. I’m a lucky girl.

I might of not of always known it but what they did for me, what they gave me and what they showed me has made so ready for my journey, I only hope I can do the same for my daughter.

This week is an exciting week – baby room flat packs have started arriving and we get to start organising baby Guppy’s nursery. What could possibly go wrong?!

More to follow on this next week….

Thanks everyone again for reading. Stay warm and healthy!

Talk soon,

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  • Love all your blogs Laura, your gender announcement was so cute, the look on your wonderful husbands face was such a look of love. Love for the new little princess who will steal your hearts. You will make amazing parents. Hope you are feeling better

  • Hey Laura that is such awesome news. Girls are pretty cool, I have one myself but I guess us blokes aren’t too bad either. All the best with ur bubs Laura. Take care.

  • Hi Laura,
    Love reading about your journey. That first bub is so special. Enjoy buying for your baby as it’s all part of the joy. Don’t go too crazy though as you’ll get given so much from friends and family. X

  • Hi Laura! Congrats on the lovely news 🙂 Check out Kapowkids.com.au for dreamy girls outfits! I wish I had known about them when my big girl (4) was a bubba!!! Grey & Wild in takapuna stock them also! All the best for the rest of your pregnancy & hope your feeling better soon x

  • Hi Lau, a big congratulations on your wonderful news. You’ll love being a mummy & believe me it does all come naturally! Cherish when they’re little, before you know it they’ll be starting school (it’s my big girls first day of school today!!)
    Look after yourself,
    Kate xx

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