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Kicking Confessions..

I have a confession to make… Ok, actually, I have two confessions to make.

I did not knit those booties in the photo, I wish I did, I am just grateful for people in my life who can knit.

And I have complained during this pregnancy, a lot.

Aches, pains, nausea, cravings, pregnancy acne, sciatica, body changing and growing and, of course, Hubby is away (I’m unsure if it’s cricket related or just to get away from my whining, haha!) but still hearing all about it via the telephone!

I will even confess to saying on a couple of occassions “I think I’m dying.”

Yes, I am slightly dramatic, but come on, I’m pregnant! I am so lucky and grateful that I have Guppy. He may feel slightly different after 22 weeks of pregnant Laura!

For a large portion of the pregnancy I felt as though I was the only person in the world who was going through what I was going through. Hitting the 12 week mark was awesome, not feeling alone, being open about it, discussing with fellow Mums! I still love talking about it (another confession – I talk about it a lot! A LOT!) – most of the time I am loving the stories I get told from other Mums about their experiences!

It was all very well and good knowing I was pregnant, and talking about being pregnant, but I didn’t feel pregnant. I felt sick (ask Guppy, haha!), but I didn’t yet feel connected to this baby.

Guppy had to come home last week for a few days between IPL and The champions Trophy which meant that while he was home he could also able to come our 20 week scan (all be it a week late!).

Isn’t that just the BEST scan?!

I’ve gone from being Rachel off ‘Friends’ (pleased tell me you’ve seen that episode?!), where I could barely see the baby, because it was a small dot – to actually being able to make out the beautiful face, I could see long legs (obviously from Dad!), 10 fingers, 10 toes, we even heard the heart beat and it was amazing.

Those 3D scans are brilliant. My gorgeous Grandma Carmel (Mama), who has 8 children, said that the doctors just used to feel her stomach and say “feels good” and that was your “scan”. Man, how lucky are we to have what we do now.

(Photo with Guppy and Mama, wearing my new Just Jeans maternity jeans – thank you for all the tips ladies!)

As if Scan day couldn’t get any better – lying in bed that night I felt my baby move. And it was in that moment I felt like a Mum, for the very first time.

Suddenly all the sickness, the aches and pains, it was all worth it. AND Guppy was there with me, he put his hands on my tummy and felt the movements too, it was a really special, surreal moment in the road to us becoming parents.

To those Mums at the early stages of pregnancy – hold on, I promise your time will come, and it will be 110% worth it.

Now I just want to touch and hold and rub my little bump all the time. To protect the baby but also to make people realise I am indeed pregnant and haven’t just finished a pie, haha!

Since that day I have come to realise this baby is a dancer. We particularly love Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” song!

I am loving the little reminders that he or she is there, not that I really needed reminding but you know what I mean?! I’m talking to my bump a lot, and playing music (Nana Julie’s orders)! What other stuff did you guys try? I hear reading is good too?

I went out to the Denizen Magazine Heroes Evening with one of my besties Gretchen (and mother of 4!) this week. She helped me find something to fit bump and we had great fun – and when I say we, I mean all 3 of us, because little old baby Guppy was moving around, dancing to the music, loving the noise. I think we have a social child on our hands. I’m not sure where it comes from though…?!!


I will say that feeling the baby move was so much better than I thought it would be. I had a few people warn me it would sort of feel like some sort of gas issue, which to be honest sounded desperately unromantic, but luckily for me it wasn’t like that at all. It started at a gentle tap-tap-tap just under my belly button and has slowly increased to what can only be described as a bit of a kick! It really made me feel so lucky that we as woman get to do this.

Back to me whining just quickly – I know we get push presents (at least I hope we do!) but do men get gifts for listening/putting up my prego crap? Patience presents maybe? I think I need to look into that, I know I’m growing us a baby, but he really does have the patience of a saint! And he’s going to be an amazing Dad!

I hope you are all well and haven’t been too cold. Thanks for reading and for all your wonderful comments, keep them coming – I love them!

Talk soon,


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  • Love your post! I am 23 weeks pregnant and feeling very much the same. Isn’t it such a wonderful feeling to feel it moving around completely agree though feels like a gas issue. Certainly in the last week felt as though she is getting bigger as the kicks are getting stronger. look forward to your next post. X

  • Oh, the first kick and subsequent others are simply incredible. Enjoy every minute Laura, one of the only times in life you are allowed the freedom to speak your true mind and whinge. Haha! In my opinion, lots of the stuff you’ve been dealing with will slowly dissipate and the next 15-20weeks become almost euphoric which is the whole “glow” thing…it is very real. Take the time to breath it all in, relax and enjoy and maybe do the things you feel you want to do, that possibly wouldn’t usually be the norm, just go with it.
    Yep, lots of music was something I made sure I did with Bub a lot, and after they are born too.
    Enjoy the Champions Trophy!!

    • And this is why I feel a wee bit sad every time I see a pregnant mum to be….cos I’m older and past it…….but I love how you’re feeling and wish you nothing but joy (I know about the birth thing, the sleep deprivation thing, the total utter exhaustion thing…and I still envy you!!)

  • Oh I am so glad that Guppy was there with you, not only for the 20 week scan but also the first kicks. Unfortunately both my girls placentas were at the front so I didn’t feel many kicks. But when Miss 9 was late in pregnancy, my man said that her moving in my belly, reminded him of “Alien”. Such a Charmer.
    Yay – for Great Mama Mac – she is such a lovely lady. XXXX

  • I loved reading this Laura. I’m 17 weeks along and had the horrible all day sickness and all the horrible side effects of pregnancy youve had. My poor husband has had to listen to alot of moaning too. But its the least they can do right? Now I’m suddenly feeling better physically but im now emotional and don’t feel pregnant anymore. It’s such a roller coaster!!! We can’t wait for 20 week scan and we are thinking of keeping baby’s gender a surprise but very few do this anymore. Are you waiting to find out at birth? Just curious! Best of luck.

  • Wait til Martin sees the baby. It will blow your mind how much love he has for your little girl. It didn’t strike me until my husband held our first daughter that he could love her as much as I did because as mama, you get quite consumed with the pregnancy. You don’t need to buy him anything. You’re doing the really hard yards (I say this from a very informed position – am pregnant with my third, due around same time as you) and making him the most beautiful gift ever. But yes you defo get a push present. And yes pregnancy is fucking hard!!!!!!!

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