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Pregnancy Skin!

From about the fourth week of my pregnancy I suffered from pregnancy acne. And that sort of thing has a way of making you feel terribly unattractive!

I have an awesome job, which I love, and I am so lucky to have. I get to do amazing things, like in the summer I work on International Cricket coverage for Sky Television, which means having your face on the telly, having your pregnancy acne face on the tele!!! And when you’re feeling like I was, it was hard work! Thank heavens for make up is all I’ll say.

I really had to make some changes. And it couldn’t be with my water intake because it tasted metallic and I couldn’t change what I was eating cause all I could keep down was toast and hot chips.

Are we having fun yet?!

So I thought I’d try changing up my skin care routine. I have quite sensitive skin so I have to be careful with what I try. Dermalogica  was recommended to me through a friend who has the same type of skin as me, and I’m still using it today.

Since discovering them I now use about 5 of their products in my everyday skin care routine (I will share skin care routine in another blog!)

I asked the team at Dermalogica if I could chat to someone who knows more than me when it comes to skin and hormonal pregnancy skin in particular.

I did find it easier to deal with and accept the changes I faced (literally!) once I understood more about what what was going on and realised it was all normal. And it is normal.

I hope it helps you guys too…

So this is Caroline Parker, she is the Head of Education for Dermalogica New Zealand and has been in this role for 18 years. So, she knows her stuff!

How common is acne during pregnancy?

Acne and breakouts are relatively common during pregnancy, some women find their skin looks great during pregnancy but for others , especially those who are prone to acne, they can experience breakout activity throughout their pregnancy.

 Great! So I’m not the only one. Although today I discovered my eyelashes are falling out..please, please tell me that is happening to other pregnant Ladies???

So if we are lucky enough to be suffering from pregnancy acne, what are the best ways to treat it?

It’s always good to get some professional advice as there are some ingredients used in skin care that are not recommended during pregnancy, but generally focus on reducing congestion (I.e. blackheads and blockages in your skin), as these are precursors to breakouts, the first step in addressing this is to have a good double cleansing routine preferably with the first cleanse being a cleansing oil (Dermalogica’s PreCleanse is a great example of this). A gentle exfoliant such as Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant is also important in reducing congestion. Also have products such as serums that will help reduce the inflammation of a breakout and speed up the skin healing time. Dermalogica’s Overnight Clearing Gel is great for this.

I used and still use the Overnight Clearing gel – I love it. it’s a great way to target the trouble area.

I find the PreCleanse actually really helpful when removing make up as well, although don’t get it in your eyes, it can make things a little foggy for a while. I want to tell you that’s only happened once before but I’d be lying.

I noticed change in my skin right away, so how is pregnancy skin different to everyday skin?

There is more hormonal influence on our skin during pregnancy, especially oestrogen and progesterone. These hormones can trigger breakouts but can also increase the risk of hyperpigmentation which can cause chloasma I.e. the butterfly pattern of pigmentation across the upper cheeks which is sometimes referred to as the “masque of pregnancy”. It’s critical to wear a minimum SPF30 every day to reduce the risk of chloasma. We also have more blood circulating in our body during pregnancy, this can make our skin feel warm and be more prone to redness and dilated capillaries.

It was actually my New Years resolution to wear a little sunscreen everyday anyway, I feel like it’s a good habit to be getting into just to protect our skin from the sun and premature ageing.

What can we be doing to help ourselves when it comes to skin during this time?

Definitely use a minimum SPF30 each day, have a good basic, daily routine of cleansing, exfoliating and protecting/hydrating your skin. Have a relationship with a Skin Therapist who you can ask questions and who will give you some guidance on a personalized level with your skin. Finally be kind to yourself, there is enough hormonal influence on your skin already without bringing in stress hormones which also trigger breakouts.

I definitely could be kinder to myself. I think as women we could all be a little kinder to ourselves. 


When your skin gets worse should you change up your skin care regimen?

No it’s better to get some professional advice and maybe incorporate a couple of problem solving products rather than completely changing your regimen.


When your skin/ hormones are going through such big changes is it best to keep skincare simple?

I don’t think during pregnancy is the best time to be introducing a lot of new products and ramping up your regimen, so stick to your basics but also get advice about any active serums etc that you have been using to make sure they are still recommended during pregnancy.


A big thanks to Caroline for sharing all her expertise!

I hope some of this info helps those of you, who like me, suffered from pregnancy acne. Its can be bloody awful! If you have more questions let me know and I will try to get them answered for you.

Luckily this week I have some Dermalogica giveaways with this weeks blog! 

To enter all you have to do is subscribe to the blog, and write a comment below nominating someone you think deserves this and why!

I have SIX to giveaway! 

Can’t wait to read the entries.

Talk soon,


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  • Taking your advice and being kinder to myself…I deserve it! Busy working mama of three. Enjoying your blog – thanks for sharing your preggie journey!

  • I would love to try this. Last weekend I slipped a disk in my back getting my 2 year old out of the car! I normally have pretty good skin but the pain medication has paid absolute havoc with my skin

  • I would love to nominate myself please, at the age of 47 I’ve suddenly started to get spots! This is dreadful! I’d love to try Dermalogica as I’ve only heard good things about the products.

  • My sister deserves this, she is currently in her first trimester in her first pregnancy and has been having some breakouts! this would be such a nice gift for her 🙂 I would love to make her day 🙂

  • Oh I feel ya with the pregnancy acne. I’m 25 weeks tomorrow with my first baby and my skin has taken a really beating with this pregnancy. I mean I was told there would be glowing?!?!?! Haha
    I would nominate my cousin – Hollie Burgees for the dermalogica pack. She is also pregnant – just 3 weeks ahead of me with her second baby. Her skin has broken out this time around and she totally deserves some pampering. She is super mum to her little Boy she has already. Xxx

  • I would love to win this prize have spent the last month moving house and my skin has really been forgotten! With tidiness and exhaustion it really has suffered

  • I’m going to naughty and nominate myself! 9 weeks preggas and skin has gone crazy already! Still in the phase where it’s all a secret still so can’t ask my gal pals what they did so you post has given me hope!!!! Pretty please pick me! Cause all I’ve had in life lately is ginger ale, toast and cruskits!!!!!

  • After suffering from late onset hormonal acne in my mid 20’s I have used a few dermologica products and loved them! Unfortunately have to be selective with what products I can afford at the moment but absolutely love their range. Would love to share this with my mum & sister xxx

  • I would love to win this gift pack. After being pregnant in my early-mid 30s and having great skin, suddenly at 44, I find myself expecting #4 and my skin has gone crazy.
    I have very sensitive skin as well, so have to be careful what I use on it – and being on a limited budget, usually ends up being something cheap and nasty.

  • Love Dermalogica! Been using it since I was 16 (now 29!) but have recently let me routine slip with my new Bub taking over all my time and energy… would love to win this to treat myself 🙂 ps watched you all summer doing an amazing job, you always looked like your stunning self!!

  • I try not to think about me , all though health reasons have made me change my diet ..but I love your journey, so I would nominate Victoria Taylor as she’s a busy mum and has a birthday coming up ..xx

  • I would love to give this to my daughter, she is pregnant with her first baby and is in her early 20s. Her skin has always been so good to her but pregnancy for her has come with some skin problems. I know this would help her so much as I use dermalogica myself and I wouldn’t be without it 🙂 I would love to surprise my lovely daughter

  • I would so love to win this pack! I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant with my first child and maaaaan the hormones and skin changes are hectic. I’m prone to random acne so it has been playing up but also my skin has been so dry as well. Can’t win! Hope your pregnancy is going well… all worth it in the end ay!

  • I’d like to give this to my sister who is 18weeks into her second pregnancy. She was a great support to me during my miscarriage and when we finally had our first little girl 6 weeks ago. So this would be a lovely treat for her, especially with a very active 3year old and a wee one on the way.

  • Hi Laura,
    Great blog! I would love to win this pack for my sister who is also pregnant and due in September, her skin could use a little TLC.

  • I would like to nominate myself, I have a 12 week old baby and haven’t had much opportunity to be able to take care of my skin since my little man arrived!! Being a first time mum is amazing and you do so much for your baby in those early weeks (and forever) it would be nice to be able to treat myself 🙂 thanks for sharing, I agree thank goodness for makeup!

  • I would love to win this pack. I to had pregnancy ache and I was looking forward to my skin clearing when little one entered the world in May unfortunately I think the lack of sleep was hindered this and my skin looks worse than ever!

  • I would love a pack – I am due today and my skin is shocking – hormones have really taken there toll on my body and would
    Be great to try something that works. Cheers

  • I would love to win this for my mum! She’s been going through a rough time looking after my father who is very ill and it would be a nice pick me up for her! Thanks!

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